Sunday, 19 July 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:30 pm
"It's the little things that count"

Oats are marvellous things. I had 50g of the demons with 300ml of water some salt and 2 tsps of sugar this morning and I still feel full of energy. I like to accompany the bowl with a cup of hot chocolate so i have a glut of protein for the day.

I thought i'd research oats this morning on wiki but i fell asleep over how much soluable fibre they contain, words like milling and how they grow in the north because of the cooler temperatures.

My chap likes his porridge with honey and pine nuts. I like mine a little sweet and salty. In scandanavia they sometimes add butter or raisins or honey or lingonberry jam or cloudberry jam or apple sauce. In Vermont they often add maple syrup and sometimes add a little vanilla ice cream. How do you eat yours? Please don't say scattered...

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andrea. on 19/7/09 5:05 pm said...

Yum, I love oats too! I eat them sweetened with a bit of maple syrup, and topped with sliced banana and almond butter. It keeps me full FOREVER!

Fat[free]Me on 19/7/09 7:13 pm said...

Here in the Land of Scots, porridge is a big thing and I love it!

I like to add grated apple and lots of cinnamon - yum!

Jenn@slim-shoppin on 19/7/09 8:45 pm said...

I love oats too! I almost never need a morning snack when I eat them!

I love the pictures you have on the sides of your blog!

murta on 20/7/09 11:22 am said...

I swirl some peanutbutter in it and top it with flaked almonds. Breakfast of the gods! (Have been lurking for a while, thought I´d delurk to say well done.)

Svava, Wrexham

Stella on 20/7/09 3:41 pm said...

Andrea and Fat free you have given me superior ideas about humble porridge.

Jenn thanks for the compliment but the blogger template did it all. For free blogger templates see They have tons of great things to choose from and its easy to do.

Murta thank you for delurking for your oatmeal recipe and encouragement!


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