Saturday, 18 July 2009

Easing the hips.

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"One Day in Perfect Health is much"


My parents are back and i'm staying here just a few more days. There's a sense of emotional chaos now they are here. Even the cats are jumpy and out of their usual routine. I find it a mixed blessing to be at my folk's house for a while; on the one hand it's comforting and on the other it's an emotional tightrope.

Followed through the yoga for the lower body, which involved a lot of hip swaying and rotating. It's really wonderful to have a range of yoga instructors, with their own favourite little routines and exercises. Felt loose in the hips after the dvd and ready to climb mountains.

Instead i went on a walk of a reservoir I don't often walk around. I was flabbergasted at the changes on one path. They'd knocked down the stable block you have to walk through, which was one of the walk's highlights. The horses are fine; they have a lovely new pine stable block further up the hill. Walked up the slight hills without being too much out of puff. Splashed through the mud from the constant showers we have been having this week.

Another bonus was that some vandals had poured glue down the pay and display machines so they were out of use! I am feeling totally healthy today. Full energy:full happiness.

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