Sunday, 26 July 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:51 pm
"Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet"
-French Proverb

Today was mostly about routine things. I let the bread bake in the bread maker, pushed the coffee table to one side so I could do yoga on the lounge rug and prepared a simple dinner. I also did some writing and finished Jennette Fulda's weight loss biography "Half-assed" which I thought was fantastic.

As well as packing up the bottles for recycling in a fit of energy I packaged up all the clothes from my wardrobe that I will never wear. It was a delight to purge stuff; I felt emotionally lighter doing it! I even turfed out four scarves from my neckwear collection which is so large it would keep a small city covered. I'm fighting packrat tendancies.

Now I have four items of clothing still in the wardrobe which are meant to be my size but are too small for me to fit into. I have never worn them. I tried them on today from curiosity. The trousers were a lot less gaping in the zip department than when I tried them last. A fabulous grey and red top fitted so much better- it slipped over my hips today. All I need is a little patience.

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GallusBesom on 26/7/09 11:11 pm said...

You should leave the trousers hanging outside the wardrobe as a reminder to yourself. I did that wiht a pair of jeans that I could barely get past my thighs at one stage, and I was wearing those very jeans today!

It does get hard sometimes, particularly if you're plateauing (as I seem to be at the moment) but time will tell.

Stella on 27/7/09 3:29 pm said...

I have my too small cute pyjamas hanging outside the wardrobe at this very minute.

Congratulations on the jeans front!


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