Monday, 27 July 2009

Beautiful things

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:30 pm

"A beautiful thing is never perfect"

Having bought extra cheap shopping for months I decided I would have a luxury shopping trip today. I journeyed miles to my nearest Waitrose.

Waitrose is my favourite supermarket in England for many reasons. It's stocks are more varied than most other supermarkets. For many people it is synonimous with luxury. Sadly my nearest one is in Cheadle Hulme. I decided that I would only buy mostly things that I can't get in other supermarkets. I came home with a cornucopia of goodies-all edible.

The pictures show the dessert gooseberries i bought, the plump mejool dates and a cherry and geranium buttercream cupcake. Yes, cupcake. I'm shifting my feet uncomfortably here as I want to say that my food plans are a shining beacon of pure good health. On the other hand i'm thinking what the hell it's only one small cake as part of a much more nutricious food plan than I was eating previously. No food should be good or bad is how I want to think. I will ensure I don't eat a humongous dinner and will walk tomorrow. I haven't even eaten it yet and I'm feeling guilt.

The plan is to paint and sketch the two cupcakes and to then take them round to the honey tonight. I don't really want the cake part I just actually want to try the buttercream because one is geranium flavoured and the other lavender flavoured. I'm a sucker for the unusual. A quarter of a cupcake should suffice with a great ethiopian filter coffee. There I won't eat a full one, my chap can have most of them. Problem solved.

I've solved another problem today. My jeans kept falling down. I was forever hiking them up in high streets. I found at the bottom of my top drawer a belt which is just large enough to buckle up if i breathe in. Tomorrow see me reinvent the wheel.

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit on 27/7/09 4:48 pm said...

I think slowing down and appreciating the goodness and, well, yes, the beauty, of what we consume goes a long way toward helping us down our path.

And yes, that includes cakes. ;)

Fat[free]Me on 27/7/09 5:18 pm said...

Believe it or not, I have had muffins and cakes in my diet and still managed to lose weight, I just have them very rarely and in moderation.

Ha, love those berries - loads of the US bloggers have no idea what gooseberries are! ^Jack up there thinks I made them up, lol!

I love dates and am fascinated about those funny flavoured icings!

I didn't know you drew and painted too (I <3 art!).

GallusBesom on 27/7/09 11:02 pm said...

Got to love Waitrose. I've recently started shopping there after years of loyalty to Asda. It is more expensive but it's so clean and ordered and the staff are pleasant! Oh god I'm getting to be such a snob. I'm off down the pit to see if I can find my working class roots. :-)

Stella on 28/7/09 12:03 pm said...

I've got over my cake guilt. I tried eating the thing slowly Jack but it went down in a hurry. And you are right fat free it is moderation that's key. Plus more people ought to share the delights of gooseberries.

Gallus just enjoy Waitrose! It's when you think that an onion has to come from there that you are in trouble...


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