Friday, 17 July 2009

New Day

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:22 pm
"New day, new fate"

I'm smiling at my angry post of last night today. Today is a delicious new unit of my life. I got up I had my cereal and milk then I followed a 40 minute yoga dvd and now I feel absolutely fantastic. What a difference a few hours makes!

Yesterday I bought 3 yoga dvds for a fiver- quite a bargain if you ask me. The beginner's yoga i thought would be slow and simple but it wasn't a doddle. It made me work out and had some intense deep spine work.

My parents come home today and I have to tidy up the house, which is looking a little worst for wear at the momment. There's nothing drastic but it needs a sorting out. I suppose I ought to get on with it instead of faffing about here on the pc! Have a great day everyone...

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit on 17/7/09 3:11 pm said...

Just tell the parents the house was broken into (you may have to break a window to lend credibility to your story).

Stella on 17/7/09 4:08 pm said...

Fabulous idea, Jack! You have saved me hours of tidying up!

Katie J on 18/7/09 12:14 am said...

Hi Stella! Found you through Fat[free]Me. Looking forward to getting to know you and what a great steal on those DVDs!

Stella on 18/7/09 11:03 am said...

Hey Katie J, welcome to my blog!

Those dvds were excellent. I know all the outlets in the North!


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