Friday, 12 June 2009

A Long Walk

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:10 pm

Yesterday the rain fell but then it brightened sadly- time for a walk. I had been putting off my walks because of the abundant showers this week but as my beau and I have zero cash we decided to make a cheap afternoon of it and get some exercise.

It's amazing that having a map doesn't mean you won't get lost. In fact sometimes maps are impossibly hard to follow. I made a wrong call half way through the walk and we ended up going in a bloody circle. We then staggered up a hill that was then too unsafe with mood to go down and ended up in a god awful field with the two horses in the picture. We climbed through the fence in blind panic only to see the stile a little later on.

We had got hot and sweaty and were at the end of it gasping for a chilled drink. But as all long walks leave you feeling smug we collapsed on my furniture and did just that.

I felt bright enough to heat up dinner. See the traces of sauce across my gob. I may even go out walking one day soon. As an incentive I have added stars to my calender when i achieve two of my goals. My chap thinks this is hilarious and a very school Marmish way of going about things. I say that it's a great visual aid to my progress.

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