Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Consultation

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 6:47 pm
Back at the dietitian's today. Glum news I seemed to have put on nearly half a stone. She called it a lapse and said it's fine if I learn from it. So I have another three point action plan which involves getting up by 10 am. (sleep pattern you will alter), exercising on a Tuesday and Friday and to plan my meals for the day each morning for the day in front of me. They seem easy enough but I know i will struggle. Change is difficult.

Marched round the supermarket and bought healthy food for a few days plus booze. The bill came to a crippling £28.00 as I also managed to add in wine for Wednesday and a small bottle of rum. I've decided that my consumption of wine will be swapped for lower calorie spirits.

I also found courage in the blazing sunshine to put on my creaking walking books and hat. I walked an old route and was stunned by the beauty of bluebells and burdock flowers. The sun blazed and the surface of the water sparkled. It was glorious. I'm looking forward to Friday's walk. I'll get my camera again and it will be just like old times...

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