Friday, 19 June 2009

Lapses in concentration

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:05 pm
I keep getting lapses in concentration when i'm in the supermarket. What i mean by this is that i have this week bought a pack of my favourite amaretti morbidi biscuits (or morbidly obese biscuits as i call them to myself alone) and a large box of chocolate liqueurs.

Fortunately, as all is going well in my finer moments I have seen sense to give the damned things away to people who would really appreciate them. Parcelling them up for others is a sheer relief as they disappear out the door with their new owners.

My Thai meal was a great success, which was a lovely surprise to find a good restraunt so near to home. Ate way too much, but more importantly, it did not set off a chain of bad eating today because I ate all the prescribed food for today.

Collecting more twinkling stars on my calendar; I'm feeling virtuous. Now all i need to do is get my walking boots on in the rain, Brrrr...

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