Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Following Dietry Advice

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:32 am

My star chart is starting to pay dividends. I've had a series of days where i have booked down one star after another. This means that I have managed to stick to the dietician's plan for a few days continuously AND also shows that i've exercised. I plan on getting a star filled calendar soon.

I do feel better already as I'm feeling less aggrivated around food. Keeping an exceptionally personal food diary is helping reflect on negative thinking too. I'm amazed at how lonely I get during the day.

Bravery with others is growing, when i have said I can't eat that late and have stuck rigidly to my plan. One possible trip on the horizon is a surprise visit to a restaurant; something I would have loved previously but now fills me with dread somewhat.

Off to make a paper collage now. Have a good day...

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edo on 17/6/09 10:53 am said...

good article.

stella said...

Thanks Edo.


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