Sunday, 28 June 2009

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:24 pm

I was re-reading a diet book again today. I'm amazed at how much advice is given to someone trying to lose weight, all of which will often conflict with another book on a similar vein. It's actually quite dull when you read for entertainment.

I've had to amend the planned meals for the coming week already as the quantities i'm preparing would feed the five thousand; they can be left to eek out another mealtime. There's a sense of pride tonight as i packed up food to take to my parent's house tonight. I'm becoming a planner- ever so resourceful too. I even brought with me a sprinkling of oatmeal for my smootie tomorrow morning as I know there's no porridge in their cupboards presently!

Tomorrow is my mum's birthday. We are dining out but I have no fear about this at the minute as I feel I could tackle Everest.

I felt like I was mountaineering yesterday as i climbed the route from home to the base of THE hill on a path that climbed ever upward. Bloody fly en route thought it would be an appetizer too and tried commiting suicide down my throat. Thank goodness for my reflexes! Took photographs of roofs as i admired the texture and colours.

Walked again today. I am craving those fancy stars!

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Scrappy Girl on 29/6/09 2:48 pm said...

That little road is adorable...makes me want to walk down it. Congrats on your continued dieting success!

All the dieting info. out there can be confusing. I like to just stick with the basic tried and true dieting info.

Stella. on 30/6/09 1:20 pm said...

The road really is charming. It's amazing what you discover in your neighbourhood if you are prepared to get out of the car and walk!

Thanks for your support Scrappy Girl, it means a lot on tough days...


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