Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Appetizer fiasco.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:21 pm

Last night was mum's birthday meal. We set off to go out to one pub but when we got there discovered that as it was Monday they weren't serving food. My stomach protested strongly. After a bit of discussion and heated exchange we decided on a pub recommended by a neighbour, but we were a bit scared about the quality of the nosh.

The menu was almost on an a1 sheet of paper there was that much choice. Dad and i settled on the chicken pie and no starters, mum was fixated on the garlic mushrooms as well as a mains. In the end she decided for all of us we'd have the combo platter to share as a starter. Dad and I merely exchanged glances and accepted our fate.

There was so much fried food, albeit tasty. When mains came dad and I didnt have the heart to face the pie bit of the pie and miracle of miracles left food on our plates!

Last night after I'd left my parents was a disaster. The beau couldn't meet me as planned, for which I was disappointed. Then on the way home i pulled out of a side road onto a main road and was verbally abused by a passenger in a speeding black car. After shouting back in my defense, I cried most of the way home. Now would have been the time in the past I would have turned to junk food. I drove to the supermarket with an aching belly and tear stained eyes. I bought a craft magazine, not a thing more.

At home I still felt lousy as hell so I called it a night and went to bed ridiculously early.

Woke feeling more optimistic today. Was delighted that the peaches have now fully rippened and savoured the taste of potato pancakes with egg and spinach. My fridge is groaning with stuff.

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Scrappy Girl on 30/6/09 2:11 pm said...

I am a stress eater too...it is the toughest in moments like those!

Stella. on 1/7/09 8:22 am said...

Eating during moments of stress is a no no for me. However, its when I think I've recovered that the deadly danger actually begins!


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