Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bluebell Hunt

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:40 am

I couldn't sleep last night because of toothache again. I rose at 6 as the sun was streaming through my bedroom window and I couldn't get back to the land of nod.

The vase of peonies sits on my dressing table top and looks glorious in the sunlight. I sip my banana, honey and oat smoothie and decide I was to go walking around my favourite venue.

The sun was warm and the bees were droning as they gathered pollen from the blackberry flowers. No bluebells as yet. The foxgloves were out the ferns unfolding and cowslip nodded its head against grey stone walls.

I was relatively undisturbed by others on my walk. Of course merry good mornings were exchanged with those who passed by. Then I saw them.

The last few bluebells against the thick stemmed grass with morning dew speared on its tips. Scattered nearby were the burdock flowers. I was lucky they had not faded so fast and was able to capture a few images before heading back to the road, where I paused to take a picture of a black and white cow poking it's head through the fence all curiosity.

2 delightful comment/s:

Michael Donovan on 15/6/09 5:17 pm said...

Lovely flowers and a beautiful face. :)

stella said...

Why thank you Mr Donovan! May I say that's rather a fetching bowler...


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