Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Feeling Fruity?

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I should have glorious shots of fruit for this entry but I don't. Sorry, the camera is at my pad.

I'm still getting silver and gold stars each day because i've stuck to my devised food plan. Today I went to a preview screening of Sunshine Cleaning, which is a good film by the way. I took my meal with me. Tuna fish and sweetcorn mayo sandwiches with a punnet of blueberries. What made the meal a feast wasn't the alfresco picnic for one by Urbis but was the sweetcorn and blueberry goodness crammed into today's diet.

I shopped yesterday for my weekly shop- a princely but respectable £20.00. I bought tons of really delicious looking fruit, a real glut of the stuff. I had cherries, melon, banana, strawberries, pineapple and blueberries. They gleamed like the brightest of jewels and my mouth is watering at the mere thought. It really is a delight that it is a bountiful harvest of sweetness.

In addition to the fruit I picked up a toastie pocket- a handy bag that fits neatly in the toaster and toasts the filling. This morning's breakfast was a melted cheese toastie even though I don't have a working oven. Thank god for modern inventions! The only difficulty is fitting my homemade bread slice x2 plus cheese in the toaster.

Last night my chap and I opened the liquer chocolates with excitement and a glass of water. I was ok as i had planned for a few chocolates on my plan. I'm not all about austerity you know. WE bit into the dark chocolate squares and found that the liquers really didn't mix well with the chocolate. Needless to say we tried one of each flavour and left the rest for when guests he doesn't much like come around. It's a real boon to say and really mean that I prefered the fruit over the chocolates. Sweets and chocolates jump out at you in the shop with their luxurious wrappings and bright colours- it's just a relief to say, " I don't need you anymore".

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