Saturday, 9 May 2009

Eating Chaos

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:06 pm
I've noticed that I've put on weight around my belly. I'm feeling sluggish and slightly depressed. My routine is out of kilter I've been skipping meals or eating absolute rubbish.

Today i countered this. I got up early had a breakfast which comprised of protein as well as carbs. I made sure i had lunch. I will even ensure that i get my afternoon snack but be very careful that it doesnt start a binge for the whole evening.

I'm planning to go home after dinner, to sit on the couch and enjoy Ally McBeal by the bucketful. All the junk is out of the house and i have zero money, so a binge is unlikely.

I have been dishearted of late to continue blogging, this is part of the general malaise i think. I'm happy to a certain extent and cant understand why i should continue to binge like i'm actually unhappy. Someone suggested it could be related to worthiness to be happy. I don't know. The more you dig into the emotional trifle the more lumps you unearth.

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