Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Stood up- yes again!

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 4:44 pm

Okay I'm going to give up going on first dates with Scottish men. Here's the reason why. Every Scottish man i've made a date with has stood me up. This time i wasn't actually surprised.

Venue lovely cafe in my town set for 2.30. Arrangements made last wednesday. Charming man funny, intelligent and one would have thought competant bloke. Instead I sat alone and had a latte and panini, having told the waitress i was waiting for someone. It was a no show.

However, I must report that on Thursday I do have a third date with a very charming man and ironically I cancelled a first date with another Scottish bloke to be with him. Watch this space. The lasagne in the photo will be consummed on Thursday with molto vino rosso. Bliss.

So I bought myself flowers to cheer me up as well as wearing my new shoes- see above. In the meantime eating has been wild, nothing new there then. No shocks but sorry Scotland.

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