Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Dayz

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:11 pm
I'm happy today. I've eaten reasonably moderately. Any one reading this blog would assume i'm stood up permenantly- this is not the case. Grins.

Thursdays date, no 3 with the same guy by the way, went really well. I'm starting to feel hopeful there. He even liked the lasagne. Drank way too much wine- I calculated 20 units by myself alone... oops..which left me grinning and hung over on Good Friday. Still smiling at my texts this morning.

Can I wish everyone who reads this small blog A VERY HAPPY EASTER...

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Jeanne said...

Happy Easter to you, too! I've just found your blog as my hubby is outside doing yard work, my son is playing basketball out in the driveway and I've been all over the Internet it seems! Boy, I need a weekend every now and then just to unwind.

Have a lovely weekend. Now, back to your blog!


stella said...

Welcome Jeanne...

Jane on 13/4/09 12:09 am said...

Excellent news Stella. Happy Easter to you, what's left of it!

Lots of love.


PS I love the shoes too, very nice!

Anonymous said...

happy (belated) to you as well sweet lovely. I am so glad to hear you are getting out and about among humanity. Any good reads of late? I miss talking.



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