Friday, 6 February 2009

Walk as the Moon Rises

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:34 pm

Today I'm still full of a hacking cough and cold. Yet I felt it my duty to go off out and walk today, to reduce the slight stiffness I have from yesterday's hip flexor hell at yoga. I can't wait for next week when we will be doing strengthening our shoulders for headstands; brilliant.

The yoga teacher is fabulous. She included a back twist for those of us with a little tummy padding! That's practically half of me damn it! Two blokes were stood behind me for the yoga class, the thought that my arse is more on view than ever kills me. Oh for single sex classes!

So my walk with my camera was a slow but delightful one, I felt the air in my lungs and I was able to watch the moon move across the sky and caught the reflections in the water. Took a self portait, but managed to get an arty shot of my coat skirt and sweater instead. I'm taking great delight in being more active. Simple things like sitting down feels much stronger and my skirt band is definately looser. It's all going well.

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