Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Midnight Munchies and Yoga

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Monday saw the first session of gym and swim. The session started off well, going out as i did into the snow. Then I entered the gym, seeing lots of agile youthful people in there surprised me so I headed quickly into the changing room. Alas! It was the MALE changing room. The gym instructor followed me with a " no, not in there" and then "nice try". I was just puzzled that the room was blue instead of red!

The gym its self was frankly dull, I had started feeling unwell with a cold so using the cv equipment was hard. Yes, I did disinfect the handles and benches after use... The stepper for 3 minutes near enough killed me though. The body reflecting mirrors behind me I looked forward to a pleasant swim in the pool.

The changing room was crowded. I changed into my costume and was just putting my things in the locker when one little girl said loudly to her sister. "that lady is fat". Well I laughed uproarously. Her mother snapped at her kids "who do you think your mother is, Kate Moss?" Then she forced both girls to apologise, but since they had told the truth I'm not sure they quite knew what for.

Feeling amused, but with a sense that I ought to work a bit harder I swam for 30 minutes before boredom again drove me out of the pool.

The previous night I was feeling sorry for myself in the cold, so I ate the chocolate in my fridge. All of it. Worked on 5 art projects till the early hours. So I was really relieved to eat a hot panini out of the house for dinner.

Today after an early night I woke feeling like i'd been run over by a steam engine. My nose and throat are sore. Still at 11 am I was in the yoga studio lying on a mat in the corpse position. I wanted to stay there flat all the session. Alas not! We ended up having to do partner work, which I was really anxious about because I knew no one. Everyone around me buddied up with someone older and slimmer than them. Which wasn't hard the class being full of pensioners.

Despite feeling lousy I managed to get to a retail outlet and bought a new yoga outfit(grey velour top and bottom with embroidered detail) for a fiver. Talk about bargains....

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