Sunday, 1 February 2009

Some Highs Some Lows

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:51 pm
Highs: I have kept to my planned exercise regime for one week. I went walking round a different reservoir on Saturday, despite the prevailing chilly wind. It felt good to be out in the open watching the boats sail on the water. I still love the cammeraderie of everyone who says "Hello flower" to me as we smile and pass by on muddy tracks. I love everything about the walk. Seeing the dogs swim in the water, the horses in their stable. I also managed to window shop for 5 hours the other day, without eating wildly.

At a loose end this afternoon I decided to go for a quick swim. I know the pool is surrounded by kids dive bombing each other, but it reminds me of when I learnt to swim. There's an air of excitement about being in the water and i dont have to get annoyed at some old dear getting in my lane space every other lap.

Lows: I have been foolish and I bought cheap chocolate from ikea. It's glaring at me in the fridge. I know I shouldn't see some food as good or bad but I can't help it. We attatch moral weight to our food. However, my days of endless bingeing have subsided. Some days i eat large meals and the meal doesn't always stop as abruptly as it should.

My house has sold. This did not fill me with sadness, the fact that there was no capital left in the property and I actually have to contribute to funds is frankly comical; someone has bought my house for a ridiculously low price whilst I get slammed. I've buried my emotions very low about this issue so I have to be on my guard not to eat my emotions.

I have planned a different week of activities for the comming week, and i have to get some work sorted out in the local area, along with dealing with financial implications of the house sale. My appointment for the dietician has come through. Life is moving ahead, even if there are lows.

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ink on 20/2/09 5:56 pm said...

I am sorry to hear about the lows. I am glad you have some bright spots though, keep holding onto them until you hit higher ground. Love you and thinking of you as I haven't been on chat in ages and caught up. ~Quirks

stella said...

Hey quirks my love. Not seen you for an age.... fortunately all is well.

Missing you like crazy though. Leave us an offline telling me about the house and job etc...


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