Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Regime Commences

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:12 pm
So I was inducted into the ways of the gym on Tuesday.

The fitness instructor was tiny I must have seemed like an extra large lump to him. The programme had already been worked out by the chap I saw last week.

He had my cv work done so that I would not get bored. So it was 5-10 minutes on the treadmill 3-6 on bike 3 minutes on the stepper 5 mins on the cross trainer. Then on to my gym work out which consisted of three machines- all for the legs.

I know the idea is to start lightly so that you don't over train, but I am aghast at how low the weights start and how little i need to use each cv machine. I told the trainer this and he said stick with it 6 weeks until my review meeting. Fair enough. Still I left the gym with a healthy red faced glow, which goes to show that exercise makes one more beautiful.

Wednesday saw me at a cafe drinking cafe latte. Sounds decadent doesn't it? However, 30 minutes later I was in the water fighting for lane space amongst all the pensioners who swim there. Post swim I went into the changing rooms to find a woman stripped naked scrubbing her body free of chlorine. I am amazed at people who have no self consciousness.

Tonight you would have found me jamming not one but two lockers up with a pound coin in each. I wondered what the hell was going on, until i saw the sign the lockers accept 50p only. Damn it to hell! Again another woman had stripped off and was revealing her breasts to all. In the end I was a late comer to the yoga class.

I have forgotten how relaxing yoga is, and how i cant do some of the moves! The relaxation part is truly wonderful and My body was thoroughly worked.

Arrived at my parent's house to find them having eaten dinner without me, even though they knew i'd be stopping by. Grabbed humous and falafel on toast and followed it with an indulgent jam pudding. I know I'm not eating desserts normally but I was worried I wouldnt meet my food intake for the day. Why I worry so much I really do not know. I guess i'll have to fit another long walk in tomorrow or Saturday.

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