Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hunger Pangs again

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:34 pm
Okay so yesterday I was faced with the smaller frying pan- so I had two pancakes! At least i did stop there and had them with a classic combo of lemon and sugar.

Today I have been active. Getting up in the morning to actually eat breakfast felt really bloody stupid but I did it. Having a morning snack was also seemingly pointless when I breakfasted at 9.50am still i grabbed a couple of blueberries.

Lunch went by in a flash and I was taken round an art project that I was interesting in taking part in. Suddenly became active in the afternoon, swimming for 40 minutes and then the bana snack/reward was a delight.

By the time my evening meal came round I was famished. I'm still hungry now. I've had my evening snack- a low fat yogurt. I know I am not hungry but I feel it. I have imaginary hunger pains. How weird is that? Like an echo of what I can sometimes feel, and dread feeling.

It's not helped by four luxury cupcakes sitting downstairs in a lock and lock box awaiting friday, when I will eat one for my birthday. The very thought of trigger food puts me in a great frame of mind. My parents want us to go out for lunch but i'm panicing. Where can we go that serves lowish fat food? I could go italian. That might be just the thing...or not....

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