Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Shrove Tuesday. Just the One pancake please.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:36 pm
It's my favourite holiday, pancake day; the day when I saw the dietician.

My last post was rather a miserable one I must say. I have been feeling the winter blues a bit for the last two weeks but yesterday saw me well.

Last week I managed a long walk (around the shops- 5 hours), a swim and two sessions of yoga. One yoga session had me floating on air the other I had over strained my neck. Ah well.

Back on the wonderful track today. Started off at the dieticians. Confessed that my weight had been maintained for a year with more exercise etc. She said I sounded like I was doing the right thing and was full of praise. She came up with a 6 point action plan for me to follow for the next 12 weeks, after listening really well to my lifestyle.

The three meals a day that I was aiming for and found difficult has been replaced with three meals and 3 snacks, not leaving more than 3 hours without eating. The trigger foods have to go! And i need to eat my meals at set times of the day. Food should be healthy and low fat (no surprise there). Plus I need to write rather than eat when I feel emotional...

So sensible advice. Now I have to follow through. Snacked before yoga, which worked well. Yoga found me doing the bridge pose up against the wall and having my hanging belly looming over me, which was quite daunting actually. All that excess weight tipped up. Ate a sandwich for lunch, went shopping then snacked on fruit and a cup of "rosie lee" before typing up my rather pleasant day.

Tonight I will eat one meal with pancake and then i will have a rather pleasant fruit supper before i collapse in bed feeling virtuous. Can days get more perfect than allowing myself one piece of fried batter, served with lemon and sugar.

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