Saturday, 24 January 2009

Why O Why!

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:40 am
Only yesterday I jumped off the scales at my health referral and said yipee to a 3kg weight loss since i was officially weighed in that building. The disgusting truth is I have a belly topped full of junk. A description of the foods I've gorged on will not be given any more space here.

The stomach feels bloated, I feel sluggish and full of guilt. My desire is to vommit, then it wouldn't count; but the health risks from being sick really are not worth it.

Why did I feel the need to go the all night supermarket at 12am? Why did I feel that I was out of sight from cashiers that I could fill my basket with junk? I stopped myself buying chocolate mousse...big deal! I also stopped myself spending money on a weight loss pack with pedometre, video, rope and a diet magazine.

The solution? Share it through writing, accept the fact that bingeing makes me feel disgusting and move on. I have committed myself to a walk/exercise of some sort when i wake up. This is definately pick myself up time.

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