Friday, 23 January 2009

Fitness For Exercise Meeting

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:52 pm
Getting up this morning was tough. I have been glued to my pc yet again for another week so 5 hours sleep was a bind. Never mind at least i made my appointment.

The long awaited referral finally took place today. It was an hours worth of blood pressure measuring, being weighed (on scales where i nearly went round the pair of scales- totally humiliating), having hip and waist measured, peak flow meassured and having filled in about 50 pieces of paper with suitable targets.

The verdict? I am fit for exercise. This means i must continue with my walks and swimming sessions. But we add in a gym induction and some exercise classes- possibly yoga or aqua aerobics. So Tuesday I report to the leisure centre for my hour long induction to use the gym equiptment at a reduced cost.

Sounds marvellous except I found £5.00 in my purse and as i was hungry had a stop at Mc Donalds for breakfast on my way to the sodding referal! I cannot do this. When will I learn? Lack of preperation is killing me. So far today's diet has been sausage and egg mcmuffins, milk, hot chocolate and two slices of toast. Sighs. Fruit and veg where are you? Still no dates for the dietician.

The post Christmas guzzle has continued in fits and starts. I need to drag myself away from people and go and do the things that are hard. There are no excuses. Self love. Self love. Self love.

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