Friday, 9 January 2009

Moderation Bites

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:36 pm

I'm back to moderate meals a day and i feel relieved. I have lost a couple more pounds, meaning i've lost 10lbs since i put up the weight tracker.

I used to be convinced that weight was attatched to attractiveness, and perhaps in some ways it is as a sign of how fertile a woman is. However, a few things have happened recently to make me reassess myself. Total acceptance by a loved one is the most amazing thing ever. Did you know for instance i have a great smile? I'm starting to realise it slowly. Thankyou JCW!

I put up the poorly lit picture of my new cashmere gloves (a bargain from Tk Maxx) as my flat is decidedly chilly and i needed gloves to be comfortable. I need to take precautions about myself this year i need to do what feels right and comfortable, even if the decision not to eat dessert except at restaurants hurts. I need my body to be as healthy as it can be.

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