Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Off Track Guzzling

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:25 pm

The new year has been incredibly hard to avoid guzzling the excess of chocolates that are abundant in the house. There are chocolates set out in pretty dishes at my parent's house. Does anyone call apart from me? NO! I have skimped on fruit of late and have gone in search of sweet delights. Oh for the easy days of December.

I have been sat around in the house like an oaf for the past week. I have been very sociable on the net but days of not exercising are paying their toll.Meeting tons of very wonderful people who look beyond the fat- it's so refreshing. I went out to the shops yesterday for the first time in ages and the fresh air was good.

Ravishingly hungry I treated myself to a meal whilst out- pizza salad and tirimasu. It was a delight.Still i like the joy of dining alone looking like i've been stood up. But it was a signal to my body that the snacking has to stop at some point. Its incredible how a handful of chocolate can cause such an addictive stirring of feelings.

Scanned this years ininspiring collection of diet books and bought a half price diary instead.

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