Saturday, 17 January 2009

Love Blooms

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:41 am

I've been stuck on my pc practically 24-7.I've fallen for an online guy, it was inevitable; the cool thing is he really likes me in return. It's been a delight.

At the same time i've been panicing like mad about my weight and attractiveness issues. Of course he's seen this blog but i still get the final edit with pictures, so any I really dislike get the chop its inevitable.

My weight is held around my belly largely, an area which i do not display, even on this site, its an area I am traditionally uncomfortable with. All women have area of their body they hate and this is certainly my bet noir. Oh for a slight dome of flesh!

Of course i've told him the figures, but i dont look that hefty in my photos. Take for instance tonights photo session. You would have no concept about my body size. Thankfully he has accepted me for who i am. What a blessing!

Being glued to the net does mean that I haven't been out walking. So in a fit of guilt yesterday I went for a swim. I can't say it was wonderful. I listened to the other ladies gossip as i swam for an hour but i did feel virtuous.

I am longing for my gym sessions to start locally. Not long to wait now...

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