Friday, 14 November 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:22 pm
November. It's cool and overcast but i have a merino wool jumper on and a scarf. I have my thick socks and my beanie hat and walking boots in the car ready to go. I will go walking to day... drum roll please.

I was scared by a picture posted on ye olde evening telegraph's website. The picture shows an over weight groom shovelling food into his overweight bride's face. It's the sort of picture that you want to shout, "stop eating crap". Of course then i have to reflect on my own unsavoury habits of recent months.

I have also bitten the bullet and asked my gp if he would refer me to a dietician. I need help to shift the weight now and if there are professionals out there then use them right? I'm also considering taking up an initiative to lose weight by joining the local gym and having a personal trainer. I have reflected on this year already. I have not gained any weight but I have not lost any either, and there are no medical reasons why i can't lose weight.

I have been reflecting on attractiveness too. But i'll save these musings for another day.

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