Monday, 10 November 2008

November Update

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:52 pm
I'm back briefly to keep you updated on my general health etc.

November saw time for a new haircut I was beginning to look like a woolly mammoth, with hair straying everywhere. It's amazing what a cute cut can do for your confidence. I have been swinging my head left right and centre for some time this weekend. The colour looks fantastic.

November is also time for my annual writing fest of Nanowrimo. See for more details of my stupidity. This is where i sign up to write another novel in a month. (23 k already under my belt folks.)This means that for November I will be casting aside blog or other commitments until my word count is sufficiently high for me to consider other things.

The whole process is rather fun. There is the challenge of writing everday and there is the social aspect of meeting other writers on a Wednesday night in Manchester for a giggle, a pint and some food.

Last week I went shopping and bought a pair of jeans again for the first time in ages. They were £5.00. Yes they were very tight and pushed all my waist upwards, but give me a couple of months and i'll fit into the demon pair of thick comfortable brown cotton.

The sitting down and writing in a cold house does me no good at all. I find that junk food has started to creep back into my diet. So here I will state my claim to stick to three meals per day with no junk in between. I'm going to go home and give my house a thorough bloody clean today. No excuses. And then there's the thorny issue of walking.

I have not been walking for exercise purposes for a month. I have been resting my groin injury. But this like the junk will have to be side lined in favour of a healthy diet. You heard it first here.

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