Monday, 17 November 2008

Night Walk

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:44 pm

Friday was pure bliss. I was able to walk round the reservoir for an hour and had no groin strain at all. It was so relaxing to walk in the afternoon as the light was fading. The sun set as i was heading back to the car.

I have had a sociable weekend chatting to friends online and it has rained most of that time. But it looks as if i will be out tomorrow if the weather remains dry.

Today, I bought yet another guide to food/dieting, which i read with keen interest suspecting that there might be things in there which i didn't know. Sadly there was a paucity of new science despite the nicely packaged prose.

It did how ever remind me that fresh food is really where nutricion is at. So I cleaned out my fridge and bought some fruit and veg in. I managed to pick up a punnet of very late blackcurrants from the farm shop up the road they were expensive, more than a bar of chocolate, but boy were they good. Also blended a banana with milk, the most palatable way to digest the buggers.

I'm looking forward to the combined challenge of walk and healthy food tomorrow.

(word count on my novel is 39k. just 11k more to go)

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