Friday, 21 November 2008

Rum and diet coke

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:21 pm
Wednesday night. I was meant to have it all sorted, I only had a small amount to spend and i would if i could stick to rum and coke.

First i was tempted by the homemade cake and coffee offer for £2.50. I thought that if i had cake i wouldn't feel the need to eat an evening meal. The coffee was delishious. Proper damned coffee it was really worth it.

Then I got hungry. So I scoured the city for food. I considered ordering burritos but the choice was so overwhelming. I decided on a fine pizza from Pizza Express. I ordered the padana- goats cheese and caramelised onions and spinach.

Of course eating set me up for drinking so i started on the rum and coke but it was notoriously expensive so i was back on the cider ( oh lord).

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