Monday, 24 November 2008

Writing Goal Achieved.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:06 am

I have finished the first draft of my current novel and I must say that I am really delighted to have finished the project again one week infront of the tight deadline. I love successes like this. It reminds me that all things are possible if you set yourself an achievable goal and stick to it. It sounds like psychobabble but it was how it worked.

I finished the novel with a small daily word count. All I need is steady and slow weight loss. The problem is with writing a long piece you get to see the length of the body of work growing although you don't always see weight shrinking.

My dieting goals seem to waver slightly depending on my mood, or what book i've read on weight loss research that week. So i guess i need to reformulate what they actually are. My attitude has been patchy on exercise to say the least and my eating patterns have swung in and out of control. My bloody cat manages it easy enough.

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Jane on 24/11/08 9:17 pm said...

Hi Stella

Many congratulations on reaching your goal as regards the draft of your novel. Well done! Like the cat too. We got a moggy just over 3 weeks ago from Cats Paws in Blackpool. She is called FloJo and is very cute!

Good luck with the weight loss too. I seem to have given up with mine, no will-power whatsoever I'm afraid.

stella said...

Nooo don't give up jane. Think healthy lifestyle....


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