Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Footpaths and eggs

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:47 am
I eventually got my ass in gear and went on the walk i was putting off. I decided not to go hill walking in the dark as the place is scary at the best of times as is the reservoir in the fading light. So I ate dinner and mused about where to go. Then it came to me in an instant. I should head down the road, with walking boots and treat it like i would anyother walk. This proved to be a great policy so i walked for nearly an hour down my road, which shows me that exercise need not be in fancy places, even though i prefer them.
The road is straight and down a gentle slope on the way down and obviously slopes back up. I was even over taken by two joggers and two cyclists on my route showing you that there are savy exercisers out there. What did put me off was when the road hit 60miles per hour and the pavement disappeared. That was a cue for me to turn back. I am not fool hardy.

After my walk i was ready for bed so i tucked myself in at 8pm. Such is the single life! This meant that i was awakenened at the crack of dawn with my stomach demanding breakfast; so I treated it. I managed to make a fine fayre of scrambled eggs and toast. Lunch is already in a "hello kitty" container in the fridge. Can life get any better?

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