Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:39 pm
Started the day with porride made from oats and water and spiced the thing up with cinnamon, a spice which is meant to increase your metabolism. It was sublime washed down with a glass of juice. Lunch was home made mushroom soup with zero additives and granary bread and dinner will be pumpkin pasta followed by a clementine.

I'm cossetted at the library avoiding walking whilst it goes dark... I must make a move soon or i will be extremely scared on the hill.

Joined up this blog with www.3fatchicks.com which is a really worth while site, crammed with likeminded people all making an effort to better themselves.

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Delita on 18/11/08 10:22 pm said...

Hi! Welcome. I tasted a few of your early and latter day posts - very nice! Is there a summary of your weight loss efforts? Congrats on doing the nanowrimo. Hope to see you around!Delita

stella said...

Thanks for your comment. I actually abandoned the weight loss counter i had as my weight was fluctuating. I've currently thrown away the scales and am relying on fitting into clothes in my ever expanding wardrobe!
I may put up a chart up after i've seen a dietician....


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