Monday, 6 October 2008

Absence Note

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:53 pm
Dear anyone who stumbles on this and my three regular readers, you may be wondering where i've been all week. It's like this.

I was walking in my crocs to the library in the rain. I met a slippy pavement and handrail, I slid down the slope quicker than a man doing slalam racing. I stopped my fall with the lamppost at the bottom thinking that was it I stood up. Sadly my legs did not notice the difference and I ended up doing the splits on the pavement, a feat not ever done in the history of my legs. I lay there a while, thinking I'd broken something, but no all was fine. So I thought. I've been limping round all week.

Met up with an old friend on Monday, just for coffee and ate not a thing. Dad's birthday was on Thursday and on Friday I was in Liverpool on the Mersey ferry, sailing up the estury saying goodbye to the QE2. All in agony. Photos to follow soon.

So walking and any other exercise has been intensely difficult. As i'm feeling sorry for myself and there has been not a lot in my cupboards food has been poor too. I want to be inspirational. I have eaten well today. That's the best I can manage.

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Jane on 6/10/08 5:24 pm said...

Oh dear Stella, I hope you're feeling a bit better. Falling ain't the greatest feeling. I did it down some concrete steps near Tesco near Christmas one year in the pitch darkness. No-one came to help me as I was rolling around trying to move onto my "good" arm. It must've looked like I was drunk i.e. Christmas party season but I was in agony, crying all the way home on the bus! Something that might cheer you up; my hubby has a new job (started today) in another printing firm. It's in Penrith rather than Carlisle but at least he can drive lol. x

stella said...

lovely. Glad to hear the good news Jane


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