Monday, 8 September 2008

Crunchie Craze

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:45 pm
I've just returned from the old fashioned sweet shop clutching bags of sugar infused delights. This does not bode well.

Saturday night was a disaster in terms of food. I manage to somehow eat 5 crunchie bars and 3 packs of crisps in one sitting instead of real food. Sugar comb is sweet and tasty but does not fill a hungry stomach. Again it's the lack of exercise and balance that sends me over the edge.I've had to forget the junk food binge. I can't worry about one night's loss of control. Don't worry for me readers I've had two good days of decent meals. I confess I'm missing my parent's cooking now they are friending it up in Portugal.

Everyone I know who is slightly portly is on a diet or health kick at the minute. I want to scream Diets do not work at them in loud scary voices but this does not work. What does work, dear Stella? Don't ask me i'm only on my own personal battle you must seek your own path...

I am seeing sense though and have bought three more flowers to decorate my humble abode with. There's nothing more satisfying that a well stocked larder, electricity on the meter, a bag of Tom Thumb drops and a table loaded down with pretty flowers.

The weather is clearing. I feel a walk coming on tomorrow if all goes well. Joy oh joys and £8.00 left in my purse. Can life get any better?

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