Friday, 1 August 2008

Shopping again

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:50 pm

A picture of the front of the box, showing my new phone as promised.

Today has been another day around the shops, bargain hunting in the sales. I went with mum and her friend to all sorts of shops where the sizes were far too small for me; I ended up trying on hats and looking at scarves. The selection of clothes for thin women is incredible. One day that may well be me shopping there.

I had bought £130 pounds worth of goods for £24.00. I'm such a bargain hunter some days. I'm now stocked for late summer and autumn and wont be needing more clothes soon. If only hair cuts were cheap.

As mum's friend was with us we took the civilised step of stopping for coffee. A well needed break in the middle of tough business. But I ended up with a slight tummy ache after the cappuchino. I'm sure it was my body, unable to digest milk. Who would have thought that my system, once robust as hell, could now detect slight changes in my diet? As I'm no longer over eating my digestion is so much better usually. I don't get stuffed to the gills so my body feels a much happier place.

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Jane on 2/8/08 8:16 pm said...

Great phone!


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