Thursday, 31 July 2008

Some comments on the mutability of the landscape.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:31 pm

The weather being lovely yesterday I took myself off to the hill walk again, partly so i could look at the amenities near the new flat (opticians, bakery, butchers, mini supermarket, gift shop, chip shop).

My legs felt stronger walking up the hill, but i'm ashamed to say i still stopped and wheezed. As i was going up the hill I met a grey haired woman of about 70, standing in the culvert with a spade, evidently clearing them out. By God she was still fit! By the time I got to the top i was sweating profusely into the sweat band of my new red hat, that clashed so nicely with my bargain basement top. Fortunately i met an old man walking in the opposite direction who was also full of sweat so I didn't feel such a freak.

What surprised me the most about the walk was that there were sprigs of heather flowering strongly amidst the whimberry bushes, something I had not noticed last week. It's incredible how the same landscape changes with the seasons. The bracken was growing at full pelt too, closing down the lane somewhat. Children were on the lower slopes, snatching berries for tea, a sight which hasn't changed for at least a hundred years or more in that very spot.

I love at the end of a walk taking off my boots at the boot of the car. Sliding my sock free feet into my cool crocs- liberated but exercised. Such small joys!

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