Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Household Extras

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 6:59 pm

I'm exhausted. I went to bed early and was awoken by the sound of a man sweeping up glass from round the bottlebank, his torch finding glass shards in the dark. I'm still getting used to the sounds of the new place. See photos above.

I woke at 4 am desperately hungry for breakfast so i ate honey and toast and went to bed again. I've never been so famished before that my appetite affects my sleep. I guess I should add a supper into my routine but I really don't want to.

Today has been about buying bits for the house- shower curtain, door rails, clock, tea towels, light fittings lots of bits. At the discount lighting place i managed to ignore the bowl of sweets put there for my delectation. A coffee surficed.

Came home to my parents place and wanted to ravish the cupboards. I'm finding that I really space out how much food I have here. Aghast at the large portion mum cut for her and dad of the custard pie...

Feeling disconnected from my friends and loved ones today. It's so hard not having the net all night long like I used to. Still I have managed to get some scribbling done every day in the new place.

Off to the old place for the very last emotional time tomorrow. I cant say i'm relishing the 4 hour drive there and doubt i will have a walking update by Sunday. I trust you are all keeping well....

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