Saturday, 23 August 2008

Delightful Library

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:47 am
I'm finally moved in. All is well. However I don't have email so this blog will be more sporadic. I feel like im on my holidays with no tv and internet. I wonder how long the thrill will last.

The weather is sunny and I took advantage of it yesterday to walk into my local town. I was thrilled with the number of bistros coffee shops, gift shops and delis there are. Perfect if you have oodles of cash. Theres even a plus sized dress shop although the price tags seem to be somewhat expensive.

One sad thing of note was the comments i received from local youths. I was about to go into the post office when one lanky youth said loudly and pointedly to his mate, "look at the size of her." I turned round and gave them my best glare I could muster. They side stepped quickly round to the side of the post office. Later walking back home A young man shouted something inaudible from his mates convertable car and waved at me. I waved back unsure what insult he had thrown at me.

The walk back was up a very slight incline, past some roadworks. Of course some eccentric old lady accosted me on the route back and said, " Oooh those pavements back there are very uneven." They looked fine to me. Still I smiled.

In the evening I went to my parents for a shower and a hot meal. I had a chippy tea with the northern speciality of a "pudding". Steak and kidney suet pudding- bliss. Yes I am still losing weight but it's about moderation in all.

Today im back in the town. I've been to the market and I have fresh bread and fruit for luncheon. I'm typing from the delightful library which is considerably a thousand times better than the one in my old home town in derbyshire. It's newer and designed with comfort in mind. The librarians look exactly as you would expect librarians to look. It is rather wonderful. I may go hill walking this afternoon if the weather holds.

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