Monday, 11 August 2008

Great News

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 4:03 pm

Joy of Joys- I have the flat. This is after weeks of anxiety regarding where I am going to live. I want to drink and celebrate but I shall only spend the day glowing instead. My own place again. I can't say how that really feels.

Today was spent travelling between Derbyshire and Manchester so food was very much on the hoof. Service stations still arent bastions of great food. Never mind. My own place...just imagine.

Photos above show yesterdays walk around my old village.

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Jane on 11/8/08 4:49 pm said...

Hiya Stella

I'm really pleased you have the flat. Is it in the village or somewhere else? I'm trying to figure out where you live. Mum used to live in Glossop, Derbyshire, where my brother was born..and she lived in Barnoldswick too. I get the impression you don't want to give away too much as regards your exact location (and I don't blame you, to be honest, some dodgy characters out there) but am I warm with those 2 locations..or way out lol.


Stella said...


Way out. I'm not posh enough for Barnoldswick!

Jane on 12/8/08 12:52 pm said...

Hebden Bridge? New Mills? Give us a it along the Manchester Airport train run?!

stella said...

LOL. I'm not telling....


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