Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Crisps may undo me.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:24 pm
Damnit. Crips will be the down fall of me I swear.

Breakfast- one bowl of rice crispies, soya milk followed by a bag of seabrooke ready salted.

Lunch- one sandwich, tomato and were those crisps on the table? yes! walkers cheese and onion...

I realise crisps for breakfast is the nearest thing I do to an extreme sport. However, I am not impressed with myself today.

Mum had friends over who always lunch with mum. I arrived at lunch late and sat down with my sandwich and tomato. The two bowl of crisps were in front of me. My crazy body was demanding another packet but I talked myself out of it. The bowl nearest to me was empty save one potato flake. I ate that and looked at the crisps and worried. In the end I gave in and took a small handful.

It's incredible the shame I feel from not being incharge of what I've put in my mouth today. I mustn't beat myself up about it. Crisps will not feature in my evening meal...I will see to that.

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