Saturday, 9 August 2008

Weather Report

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:08 pm
Fat globules of water continued falling from the sky today as I failed to walk outdoors. Bloody hell, I was doing more walking in Winter.

Took cover at the large shopping centre looking round at reduced house hold objects and walking into expensive italian designer sofa manufacturers and pretending I could afford thousands for their buttery leather sofas. I was on my feet for hours, exercise that is not noticable but does me some good. Plus I didn't purchase anything.( That's the official line anyhow. I actually bought an excellent wine rack for my new kitchen, if I get it. I was looking at bathmats. I have a desire to buy a shocking pink bathmat. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am worrying that my desire to eat has moved over slightly in a desire to spend so I have to watch this irksome little gremlin more closely and keep a tight reign on it.

For lunch after my skinheads on a raft (beans on toast - a british phenomenon) I consumed a world leading confectioners chocolate bar. It was so sweet and warm I didn't actually enjoy eating it. I have to be very careful as i'm eating so much junk in with my meals.

I'm finding the ending of meals very difficult, possibly because I havent had the ritual cup of tea. I find myself feeling sad that I can't eat more and for longer. I really feel deprived that I can't get my nose bag on and chomp all evening- I now have to find other things to actually do.

I have abandonded sweet fizzy drinks (soda for my two american readers). The thought of consuming so much sugar through thirst was frightening. I'm now on what my gran used to call "corporation pop"- something I used to think sounded really exciting until I discovered she meant water, or alternatively no sugar cordial. (Coincidently She also used to call the tv the "goggle box" so I really thought we were in for prime entertainment until she switched on the telly.)

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