Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Carpet Capers

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:05 pm

Forgive the tardiness of this blog but its been a right royal week. The flat was meant to be ready on Monday, all newly painted and decorated. Monday I received a call from the agents saying carpets still needed fitting by the landlord but I would be fine to move in Tuesday. Today I get another call- all not well but I can move in Wednesday! This is the worst possible news given that two small vans were heading for my house in Derbyshire today. It looks like I might have to put stuff in storage. So there we have an upto date news flash- I still don't have my flat to move into.

The scales are showing a decrease in my weight and my clothes are a little easier to get into. However, I'm an emotional wreck because of the moving process. Weight loss is the very last of my concerns at the minute. A walk would ease my tension but i'm under strict orders not to leave the house in case the carpets have been fitted and I can actually move today(unlikely though is my gut feeling.)

I have started a very dangerous trend in having a dessert and then a couple of biscuits, or yogurt then a piece of cake. The desire to continue eating at the end of my meal is still there and I really wish it would go away. Yet On Saturday I helped mum round the supermarket- there must have been something odd happening as i wasn't interested in the junk, I was looking at the pulses and vegetables with vigorous attention.

Sunday was a strange day. I planned to get up early to go out to meet friends but my alarm didnt go off. Instead a few minutes after the alarm should have gone off a huge thud assaulted the bedroom window. After staggering to the vitrine with dreamlike movements I found that there was a stunned blackbird or starling sitting on the front lawn looking very dazed and confused. My mind worked over time and i identified with the poor little creature. I feel your pain I muttered.

There are far to many clothes to fit in my wardrobe- I'm going to have to give more away. Why is it so hard parting with lovely things that hold such great memories?

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