Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:22 pm

The cats looked on as I shredded today.

Shredding has become my new hobby. It gets rid of all tensions as old bank statements are eaten by the wheels of metal and the pages become thin slivers.

I'm beyond mad today. The flat has fallen through, thanks to the pathetic policy of an uncaring estate agent...but notice that I am not turning to biscuits or cake. My new friend is a nice cup of tea and the hiss of metal ripping through paper.

I really do believe in the policy of que sera sera. The flat I had chosen, though in a great location wouldn't fit in half my furniture AND there is no space for my Turkish rug. I'm convinced that the perfect location has a suitable space of the woolly creature.

Yesterday I was in Derbyshire clearing out my wardrobe and fortuitously a free bag for an organisation wanting old bric a brac, clothes and books was put through my door. Just the very things that were in my wardrobe! How spooky is that?I have "decluttered" my wardrobe so if you are a fat woman living in Derbyshire you may be wearing some of my clothes as you read. Godspeed...

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