Sunday, 20 July 2008

Whimberry Pie Made

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:37 pm

I know this site initially set out as a record of my diet, in the sense of food restriction. However, I think I now mean diet as in the sense of what is eaten rather than what isn't. It's the end of July whimberry pie is a must in these parts. I'm not eating pie between meals or even at every meal; it's a rare special occasion. Nor do I feel I should be justifying myself here.

The photos say it all. I couldn't include a picture of the finished dish. Needless to say there was nothing left.

You are wondering at this point how a small container of whimberries made a whole pie for three. The truth is that this afternoon I set off to pick some more.

My clever move was to combine hill walking with bilberry picking, which I did successfully. I gasped up the slope(the gentler side of the hill) and was over taken by two pensioners who looked at me sympathetically.

Whilst at the top of the hill I could then start picking berries from the top, where the unseasoned picker will not climb to. I was alone for most of the pick. Then an old man came down the slope and started conversing with me about how the wood pigeons were eating the whimberries and were shitting purple marks futher down the slope. God the conversations I get in with random strangers. I looked busy and he went away. I did trip once down the steep slope, knocking 1/4 of my berries into the dirt and thus was unable to pick them up again.

At home the pie was made.

It tasted so damned good. It made the berry picking well worth it. Here's to whimberries hip hip hurrar.

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ExpandForFree on 20/7/08 8:08 pm said...

That looks very tasty.

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Jane on 20/7/08 10:43 pm said...

Hi Stella

What an awesome pie! I feel really guilty at times cos Mum bought me a cake tin ages ago and I've not used it yet. Have a new oven too so I can't use the excuse that the oven is ancient and I don't trust it.

Michael Donovan on 21/7/08 2:55 pm said...

My mouth is watering thousands of miles away.

Please mail some to me.

One bubble mailer full will do.


stella said...

hey jane,

stop making excuses and cook woman. Whimberry pie takes 1 hr to pick berries and 7 minutes to make.

hey Michael,

There's no pie left and even if there were i wouldn't infringe international law on shipping fresh produce to America- yes the pie is that damned good Im keeping all future pies to myself...


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