Saturday, 10 May 2008

Back but backwards

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:26 pm

Ok I'm back. I did think that went I started my path to weight loss that I would be miles thinner than I started off. How wrong I was. I can put many excuses down but fundamentally I have issues with food. At the minute I am struggling to keep to three meals a day. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Life had a way of catching up with me. To cut a long story short I will be leaving my house in three months time and I don't have a clue where I'm going to live. My life has become chaotic and my eating has followed suit. I know what I have to do but persuing that seems miles away from my reality at the minute. There you go procrastinating and excuses.

The weather is gorgeous but i'm not inspired to walk. Perhaps this will come back to me. The best thing I have done this month is have a bloody hair cut.

I would love some ideas on how I can get back on track. How I can manage one day of eating just three meals a day? Please send advice. I badly need it. I'm at a very low point food wise. I hate how I have to do all the hard work of denying the desire to eat. I truly resent it.

Will try to blog more frequently. Thinking about my feelings does help on a daily basis.

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Ms. Tiboldo on 10/5/08 11:49 pm said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and ready your entry. As someone who has to manage my weight (unlike my siblings, I cannot eat whatever I like and maintain a healthy size), I have looked at many "diets" or philosophies about healthy eating.

One of the most common recommendations that I have read (and agree with completely) is that you should not limit yourself to 3 meals per day. You should be eating up to 6 healthy mini-meals, preventing dire hunger. However, the meals must be healthful and not be full meals. This type of routine may be less daunting than restricting yourself to only 3 meals per day.

Have you considered speaking with a nutritionist to help you figure out a plan?

stella said...

thanks ms. tiboldo. good idea.

I will think about increasing meal numbers. I may seek professional help too. thanks.

ink on 26/6/08 11:57 am said...

Vio- It's your favorite chatter here- :P just connecting with you here since I may be off messenger for a bit. Oh, don't worry, one always returns. Besides- I thought you said you needed to start blogging more- love ya!

stella said...

Quirks always welcome. Love ya too.


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