Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Weigh In 4

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:07 pm

I'm swearing. I'd nearly published my post when the cat pressed the delete button. Here we go again.

I've posted a picture of me in my faux fur cossack hat to give me a smile on my face today. I'm disappointed at i've only lost 0.2 lbs since last week. Any weight loss is an acheivement but I don't feel I can move my fancy slider along.

I'm having to really think about how i'm eating this week. Im considering abandoning all in between snacks and getting rid of junk food where I can. However, I am worried I'll be hungry. Hunger is the most frightening feeling for my body.

I've also got itchy feet to be going somewhere. A walk in the outdoors is off because of the wind and the rain. I would be blown off the hillside if i tried my favourite walk. I may be able to gather some money together for a swim, we'll see.
But I want to go on a short retreat, take myself to the theatre and do wonderful workshops. Maybe in the summer. All good things come to those who wait. Is that true?

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Jane on 11/3/08 2:13 pm said...

Hi Stella

Love the hat and at least you have lost weight rather than gained some. I know you are disappointed that it's a smaller amount but keep going, I've every faith in you :-)

stellaswift on 11/3/08 6:17 pm said...

Thanks, Jane.

I'm off for a swim tonight that should put me in good spirits. How is your weight loss going?

Jane on 11/3/08 7:39 pm said...

Hi Stella

To be honest, I'm not out to lose weight. If I'd looked a mess when I tried on wedding dresses (and, believe me, I've tried on a few) I would've got more into it but because the dress actually makes me look slimmer I've decided not to bother...and it might be too small on the day if I do...so that gives me an excuse not to diet lol. Mind you, I do use a Roboroller (roll it along the floor backwards and forwards whilst on my knees) but I'm not exactly flat-bellied. I will probably dig my bike out when the weather perks up, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Robo roller sounds like a chore. I'd stick with the bike.

Jane on 11/3/08 10:18 pm said...

If you saw the hills around here...you'd stick with the Roboroller!


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