Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Squeaky Clean

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:12 pm

Tonight's treat will be to take a shower using the fabulous products that are by the taps. I'm feeling a bit grotty today and just enjoying the unwholesomeness 'til this evening. The cause of my lack of weight loss has been found- pre menustration! Hurrar. Thank God for Ovaries. Weight loss will be inevitable next week.

I swam 45 lengths last night really slowly. Dad doesn't believe me he says it's impossible in the time i had. I went to the local baths which is also the central baths. It was chock a block. I won't be going there again at that time. People were ignoring the swimming directions and fast swimmers were freaking out us slow swimmers. And sport is meant not to be stressful! Imagine!

I found a good site for suggesting walking routes- it is You just need to type in your postcode and it will come up with a routes nearest to home. All the walks near me are 10 miles long so when the weather is nice and i have my walking boots I will be off on a longer hike. Wind and rain are prevelant this week so my crocs won't be up to the job. Found a factory shop which sells walking boots. The plan is coming together nicely.

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