Friday, 14 March 2008

Walking lapse

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 6:38 pm
I've used the past few days as an excuse not to walk. I could have walked round the block near home today but I chose not to.

I'm still sticking with my plan of three meals a day and all seems well. I haven't felt the need to snack just yet. Probably because i've included the junk in with the meals.

I was reading Martha Beck's book on the 4 day win. She says something very interesting about rats in trapped conditions compared to those in rat parks. Rats having similar nervous systems to our own. The rats in traps chose to self medicate whilst rats in an interesting environment chose what was good for them.

Another interesting point about the book, is advise on flavours. The body requires certain flavours to be satiated before it feels full.You can also trick your body into eating less if you give it similiar flavours on one day. All interesting stuff.

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